New Year

This can sum up all of 2011 for me:

I spent the entirety of the past year working on (and FINISHING) my senior film, and then I graduated with a BFA in Animation.
Still getting the hang of post-film life. What do people do when they aren't animating/doing clean-up/coloring/compositing?! IDK.


  1. I started my art studio internship at Pretend City. It's so amazing and great! I only hope they hire me to work there after my internship ends in May so I can make money and be less poor.
  2. Teaching/assistant teaching at art classes. I love this too. It's very much the opposite of Pretend City though, and it's hard to go from one extreme (Pretend City: no rules, outside the box, creativity runs free 3D art projects) to the other (Aspire: drawing/2D art only, strictly enforcing foundation drawing basics) when I work both places in the same day on Tuesdays.
  3. Pre-production on my senior animated film. I'm supposed to be done with pre-production (concept art, storyboards, character design, animatic) by the end of this semester, and finish (and clean up/finalize) everything by the end of 2011. All I will say is that it is inspired by Ancient Egyptian art and features cats. (More specifically, a cat and a kitten.) I have the basic story finished and I'm moving on to concept art and more detailed storyboards.
  4. I've been catching up on Marilyn Monroe movies that I haven't watched before. I've watched "The Prince and the Showgirl" and "The River of No Return" in the past week. I still need to watch "Don't Bother to Knock" and "Let's Make Love."

A post!!!

Everyone seems to be updating their livejournals these days, so why not me?

I just got a new job last week at ASPIRE ART STUDIOS. It's a place that teaches after-school art classes to small groups of kids between 3-18 years old (though most are around 3-14 years.) I'm an assistant art instructor, which means I help all the kids do whatever art projects they're working on. I've only had one shift so far for about 3 hours but it was really really fun (and a lot of work) and I am very excited and happy that I got this job.

I have definitely outgrown my job at 24-Hour Fitness as I've been there for over 3 years and I have been ready for something more suited to what I want to do for a few months now. I made the job as much centered around artwork as I could, but there were limits to what I could do with the few supplies I had (and the fact that I've been getting like 1 kid per shift lately so I've had to be doing stuff like stock shelves and file papers.) My last day there is February 17th, and though I will miss some of the kids, I will probably be babysitting some of them in the future and I'm really ready to move on.

Today I had an interview for an internship at Pretend City, a children's museum that is like an actual kid-sized city which is totally awesome. I have been wanting to go there since it opened a year or so ago, so today was a momentous occasion for me. The internship is an Art Studio intern, which means I would get to devise new art projects for the kids to work on, teach art classes in the art studio to groups of kids, find ways to improve the art studio, etc. Even if I don't get the internship, at least I have finally fulfilled my dream of seeing Pretend City. It was everything I dreamed of!

My classes this semester are computer animation, animation 2, special studies in animation, and family stress and coping. Although I'm an official animation student now and my classes are pretty much geared toward preparing me to working in the animation industry after graduation, I've decided that the animation industry (or any "industry" for that matter) is just not for me. I don't think I would ever want to work in a business-based industry like that. I like animation and I like creating art, but I don't like the commercial aspects and I pretty much want to just be able to do whatever I want without some studio telling me what would be a more commercially viable choice. It makes me doubly glad that my life has made this turn toward teaching art lately, so I will be able to support myself in the future, get to interact with kids, and still have time to create my own art without worrying if I can make enough money doing it.

As for teaching art - I've also gotten a small job for the summer, teaching a graphic novel workshop to middle school kids at a library. It's only going to be 2 or 3 sessions for a couple hours per week but it pays well, and if I do a good job there are many other libraries that would probably hire me to come and do the same thing.

Blah blah blah, art art art, me me me, jobs and working. I love Roary!!!!


Back in the world after a week of playing Bananagrams and card games in the Caribbean.

To do for the next 3 weeks of winter break:
Start running with Roary every day
Redesign my portfolio website and actually put art on it
Rework my actual hands-on paper portfolio with all my new stuff
an ya ya


It is midnight and officially Monday. Today at school the list of people who were accepted into the BFA program at school will be posted. I applied to the animation program.

I don't have school until late afternoon so I asked Reed to text me in the morning and tell me if I'm on the list. And if I'm not, he is instructed to break it to me the nicest way possible, i.e., "Jamie, you are so pretty, but you are not on the list. Obviously animation is only for ugly people." Soo... We'll see in like 9 hours.



But I read my friends page every day. This makes me a creeper?

So this is what up. My classes this semester are Baroque art history, character design, sequential imagery, and experimental animation. I probably say this every semester, but this is my favorite semester. I'm submitting my portfolio to get into the BFA Animation program this month and I'll know whether I get in or not on October 25th, oh god!

Either way, even though I have not kept up on Babbjab recently, I am doing a LOT of art for homework that hopefully is good enough to make it into my portfolio, which is the only thing I'm focusing on for the next 2 1/2 weeks until I have to submit it. If I'm not accepted the school is going to force me to graduate with a BA instead of a BFA so I don't get another chance. They are dum.

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There is more art I want to post, like the watercolor I did for the dinosaur show at school, but it is too big for my scanner.

Update of Life

Uhhh, it's March 25th and this is my first update of the year?

All I've been doing for the past three months is school, work (gym, babysitting, website design), working out, and art. That's pretty much it. In about two weeks I am going to New York for MoCCA where, if all goes as planned, i.e. I manage to get everything done that I need to in the next two weeks, I will be selling my own minicomics. I'm so nervous. The comics I'm aiming for are:

-Babbjab: Volume I (Somewhere between 25-30 strips depending on what I can finish.)
-Shells (This was my final project for anatomy last semester, and it's still not done. I've got this next week of spring break to finally focus on it entirely.)
-Double Feature: The Haunted Haunting / Rhinosaurus Rex and Friends Present: Romeo & Juliet (These were both 5 page homework assignments for anatomy last semester, but they don't in any way resemble homework assignments since I kind of went crazy with them.)
-Baby Babies: Fingerpainting! (Short story, part of the epic tale about the baby baby superheroes that Joe and I are making together. This is almost done, it's 6-7 pages.)

When I finally am ready for this, I get to spend hours and hours in InDesign, and then hours and hours at a copy machine! Hooray!

Other than that, I've been updating Babbjab consistently, and finally got my own website (mostly) up, complete with art blog which I haven't had the time to update anytime recently.

This semester I'm taking watercolor and animation (I) as my studio art classes, Italian High Renaissance art history, and Comic Spirit (which is great because so far our homework has been to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Good Morning Vietnam, and What About Bob? but it's also great because it's about the oneness of everything and learning about the classical comedic formula is really interesting.) Then my usual overkill of fitness classes: fitness walking, weight training, aerobics, and jogging.

And...that is my totally busy life right now.

I have to go be busy some more now.